Saturday, March 14, 2015

3.14.15 Pi Day

Today we have Pi Day! As you probably know my favorite number is Pi and approximation of Pi number is my favorite activity on this blog. Lets focus on new version of groovy closure to count Pi:
Closure<BigDecimal> functionToIntegrate = { Math.sin(it) }
integrate(scale, sumToLimit, functionToIntegrate)  * 2 == expectedResult
Because we can't improve this API without groovy DSL someday I will get back to this  (when I will have to learn more about groovy DSL).
My colleague helped me with this improvement, but also he told me about groovy DSL. Now I can imagine API as beauty as:
integrate functionToIntegrate using scale untilReach sumToLimit andReturnX == expectedResult
This will be nice, but for now I have added a new library to show how long our tests lasted.
With this library we can profile our tests:
PiSpec  should converge to pi   9.252[s] on my laptop.
It's quite nice to achieve proper 3.1415 in 9 seconds.
I found very interesting article on wikipedia about pi approximation history:

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