Monday, July 6, 2015

Devoxx Poland

Kraków 22nd-25th June Devoxx Poland took place. This conference center was brand new, shiny and glamourous - just like it should be. With our 4finance team we stayed at a hotel nearby - as shiny and glamourous as conference center itself.

It was my second Devoxx in 2015 because on 30th of May we were with Natalia at Devoxx4kids. Both conferences were really great, but there were some pitfalls. Let's stick with Devoxx Poland, because Devoxx4kids I can encapsulate in 4 words: "Daddy it was awesome".

Most of the time I spent listening to talks and chatting with people attending our stand. This year the  hot topics was: "microservices" and "functional programming". I feel like we were riding on this wave - even Josh Long from Pivotal gave some credit to 4FinanceIT for commitment to Spring Cloud during his talk. The next nice moment during this conference was after Grzejszczak's and Szymański's talk about microservices. Lots of guys were interested in the technical details of their presentation. They were asking how to do this, how to do that and they were making big WOWs. I think that this presentation was awesome because: it was highly technical and was based on life coding. I know how hard it is to make such a presentation - because under pressure many small things start to conk out and you can't find any solution to repair these small typos or other non important errors. The guys managed to show everything - from git push to hystrix dashboard and interaction between microservices. They just forgot to show the collaborators view, but OK - this was just the eye candy part of microservices framework.

As I mentioned about some pitfalls, one of those was "Things about microservices you wish you never know". I admire Marek for his brave but lone charge against the microservices wave. When he detailed his reluctance for microservices  he started to give us a monolith talk. This was just not for me - I was there - I have seen this specific one and other monoliths. I do not know if microservices are the only way to go, but certainly monolith is not the alternative. I like unix like computing - small programs you can arrange in a way you like. This talk showed me that there is the other side - guys with their fat tools which can't be used in a way they weren't invented before development. All those analysts, architects, managers can't be fired in one day.

There were also some mind blowing talks. Some small but important thoughts I did remember from that talks:
1. FISH - Fuck It Shit Happens. We should not avoid failure at all costs.
2. Write more, try and test - do not try to polish your ideas endlessly.
3. Saboteur - try what happens if some of your network stack goes crazy.
4. This famous plugin to make pipelines for microservices:

Stay calm and write some microservices - do not follow hype, but try if this approach meets your expectations and keep searching if not.

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