Friday, February 12, 2016


The idea behind the

My blog looks dead for some time, but a lot of other stuff was done under the hood (this is called the life). Finally I found the brilliant idea to write entire cycle of blogposts about creating open source project. My idea is to build some general microservices to fulfill most general needs of future applications.

Is this possible? 

I must admit that I am afraid about the limited usability of a general models, but let's consider some bounded contexts where we can apply general domain models without bringing much risk to the project.

For example in Identity Management domain there is a lot of stuff you can do without any changes in almost every application. Users can register, login, logout, edit some basic data, use other authorization providers like: facebook, gmail or twitter. Things gets even more complicated if you consider microservices architecture. It sounds like a lot of stuff that has to be done even before you actually provide any real business value. I think that Identity Management done right can be shared between the future projects and therefore IDM is good bounded context to start with.
You can find github repository here:

A friend of mine told me about some general model of accounting pattern described in Martin's Fowler paper. After reading this I think that it can bring some value to implement general accounting microservice to provide financial consequences of business events. I wonder if it is possible to implement "general accounting" module that can with very small adjustments work in any domain. 

Start small and grow only if we have to

Of course I do it for fun and therefore I do not want to just do it, but I want to learn something new, discover the way of doing things right and write about it.

My plan is to run those microservices with all dependencies on AWS with Kubernetes. I think this assumption is quite useful for our open source project end users because they can start small and grow even if they don't want to spend a lot of $ on infrastructure. I think I will start with couchbase as a document database and kafka as message broker. Why? I will explain in following blog posts.

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